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the bay you dreamed of

Entrust your car to us in our reserved parking area, you will not need it for the duration of your holiday. The M3 Residence has direct access to an enchanting natural bay which you will never want to do without.

The always calm , crystal clear and pleasantly warm water is just one of the strengths of the beach at your disposal. Very fine sand and always clean thanks to our maintenance service, appropriately spaced umbrellas complete each location with sunbeds and deckchairs reserved for our guests .

Enjoy all the relaxation you deserve even taking the little ones to the beach with you: Residence M3 has a lifeguard who is always alert and prepared.
What if you feel like taking a swim out in the open?
You can rent our pedal boats and our canoes to keep you moving within a dream bay to be admired and photographed.


authentic nature


The fine , clear sand meets the wildest rock to ensure the ultimate in natural experience .

This is why the versatility of our beach makes it perfect for any type of holiday, from the relaxing one with the family to the more fun one with friends.

The shallow and sandy seabed gives the water the characteristic crystalline color typical of the Gargano .

At the Residence M3 you will fall in love with a beach to be photographed and experienced .





Relax or treat yourself to a day of adventure and exploration while staying in a dreamlike natural setting .

At the equipped beach of Residence M3 you have the opportunity to rent canoes and pedal boats to discover every detail of our wonderful bay in total autonomy .

You will be able to explore the nature that surrounds you as far as the eye can see without sacrificing safety . Our beach is in fact supervised by rescue personnel , always alert and ready to prevent dangerous situations or to provide immediate help in case of emergency.

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