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For years, Residence M3 has been hosting, welcoming, interpreting and reinventing important exhibitions, managing to combine love for art, the beauty of nature, immersion in peace, giving a voice to artists of international caliber.

It is possible to host this event at numerous times of the year, also by trusting the connection that the artist himself feels with the different seasons.

This type of initiative is very rare, particular and precious because it involves, in unusual ways, artists, professionals but also the public, thus giving an opportunity to raise awareness and appreciate a territory of great cultural and naturalistic value like that garganico, which deserves to be enhanced and safeguarded over time.

Art, being a fascinating tool for communicating moods, becomes an excellent vehicle for promoting the beauties of the unique charm of the Gargano, in which Residence M3 has been its fulcrum for several years now.
The artists thus find themselves in front of a blank canvas and each manifests its own peculiarities and expressive uniqueness: some impulsive and instinctive, some delicate and meditated, but all with the same purpose: to exploit a special experience that offers together with friendship and to the sheer joy of accomplishment, the benefit of a confrontation that generates further growth.

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